Ideas become reality

Our goals

The ERON Project has 2 main goals:

To help people in underdeveloped areas have a decent quality of life.

The ERON PROJECT is a charity project created in order to provide the most basic human standards such as purified water, electricity and gas to people in poor areas. This project was established in order to identify poor areas and to build utility networks or extensions into such areas. In order to achieve our goals in the most effective way, we have established our platforms and applications as fully decentralized.

To implement cryptocurrencies as a payment method

In order to make a difference into the real life of cryptocurrency owners and traders, ERON will help implement cryptocurrencies as a legal payment method. We are starting our journey on this path by giving all ERON holders and traders the possibility to buy physical products or services sold by companies using ERON.

Our B2C and C2C Marketplaces are dedicated to cryptocurrency payments. 

Work Process

Current Components

Our ecosystem will include

ERON Miner

The official Miner of the ERON blockchain is available for WIndows PC, Android and IOS phones and tablets. 

Because ERON Miner is a fair real-time miner, it does not use the CPU and the resources it consumes are less than 1%.         


ERONbit is the official exchange of the ERON blockchain and project. Besides using the ERON blockchain, ERONbit also uses other blockchains such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Polygon and Avalanche. More blockchains will be added in time.

ERON Wallet

ERON wallet will be launched in both centralized and decentralized versions. Users will be able to add custom blockchains and import contracts of tokens that are not listed on exchanges yet.

ERON Wallet will be connected to ERON Swap and ERONbit in order to facilitate the transaction processes for all users. It will also be connected to ERON Pay in order to facilitate the FIAT to crypto processing.

Once both versions are launched, users of ERON Wallet will be able to request VISA and Mastercard cards that will be associated to their wallets.

ERON Market

ERON Market has 2 components: B2C and C2C Marketplaces, that will be launched in both centralized and decentralized versions.

ERON Market will be available as an integrated platform within ERONbit and as a standalone app downlodable for Android, IOS and Windows platforms.

ERON Market will be an intermediary for companies and private persons that sell and/or buy products.


ERON Pay is the payment processor of ERON Project THAT ANY ERON user can use to transform FIAT into crypto. ERON Pay will also be the platform that will issue the cards that are integrated into ERON Wallet.


ERON Swap is a multi-chain DEX that will be mainly used with ERON Wallet and ERONbit. It will be launched as a bridge between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, ERON, Solana, Polygon and Avalanche blockchains.;


The blockchain's indexing interface that provides info regarding all transactions on the ERON BLOCKCHAIN.

Live Mining Rates 


Our charts are available on 

Live ERON Price




The Timeline

We are very passionate about ERON and what it will offer in time, to its investors and to the people in underdeveloped areas of the world.

September 2021
Miner Launch - Windows version
September 15th-20th, 2021
ETH Presale
Sept 21st - October 11th,  2021
BSC Presale
December 20th, 2021
Bitmart Listing on Spot Trading
February 11th, 2022
XT.COM Listing on Spot Trading
 May 2 , 2022
ERONbit Launch
June, 2022
ERON Wallet - Decentralized Version Launch
June, 2022
ERON Wallet - Centralized Version Launch 
August, 2022
October 1, 2022
ERON Pay Launch
November, 2022
ERON PAY User App Launch
November, 2022
ERON PAY Merchant App Launch
November 10, 2022
ERON PAY virtual card issuance Launch
November 15, 2022 
New ERONbit interface Launch
December 1, 2022 
ERON BLOCKCHAIN bitquery initialization
December 15, 2022 
December 16, 2022 
ERON Contract deployment on ERON BLOCKCHAIN
December 25, 2022 
ERON PAY physical card issuance launch
January 5, 2022 
ERON WALLET decentralised & centralised version including ERON BLOCKCHAIN
LABS LISTING of ERON (more info to come!)

Our Team

We are a team of professional and dedicated people. We are specialised in IT, blockchain and utility development, Business, Economics and Marketing.

DORU Constantin

Chief Executive Officer

Doru Constantin has an experience of over 20 years in business development and administration.


Chief Technology Officer

Catalin has  a background of over 19 years in banking and information security.

COSMINA Campeanu

Chief Operation Officer

Cosmina Campeanu is a Law School graduate and has 15 years experience in the legal and operational fields.

CLAUDIA Constantin

Chief Marketing Officer

Having graduated from Business Administration, Claudia has specialized in Marketing & Branding..


Chief Financial Officer

Cristina Raducu has worked as a CFO in the gas and energy fields for the past 4 years.


Project Manager for Electric Energy Networks

Mihaela Anton has 4 years experience as an ECO Energy Project Manager.


Project Manager for Natural Gas Networks

Marius Stoian has been an authorized natural gas engineer for 8 years.


Community Manager 

Marius has a degree in Economic Science and in Customer Service & Marketing for over 5 years.

Tokenomics & Technology

The most important numbers


Due to unforseen situations we have had to change our BSC contract. New contract:


45% Company Wallet

25% Charity Wallet

15% Marketing Wallet

15% Team Wallet

Locked until October 17th, 2023.

In order to prevent arbitrage trading, we have decided to raise the taxes on DEX trading.

Buy Tax: 15%

Sell Tax: 15%


The blockchain relies on a boot node that allows the connection of other nodes within the blockchain. In time, virtual machines will be added and connected to the boot node in order to facilitate the validation mechanism for blockchain transactions, but also to offer API to verify transaction hashes, transfers, deployments of smart contracts and so on.

All servers run Linux OS and are protected by a datacenter firewall, as well as an operating system firewall. Currently the network is private and in the future the virtual machine can be downloaded in order to start decentralising the network.

Being an Ethereum based network, it automatically supports ERC tokens, thus people can choose an ERC wallet or ERON Wallet to store the ERON tokens deployed on ERON blockchain.;

For the moment there is a published boot node on cloud server and 28 nodes on private servers that are connected to the boot node.


We have launched part of our applications. Please join our Telegram and Discord by pressing the buttons below, in order to get the latest news.  

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Work Process

ERON Miner

ERON Miner is available for Windows and Android. Please click the link belor to download it.

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    ERON Wallet

    ERON Wallet is available for Android. Please click the link belor to download it.

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